LiquiFix Dry Erase Board Cleaner


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Clean dry erase boards safely and with no odor with LiquiFix Dry Erase Board Cleaner! Our environmentally-safe dry erase board cleaner makes boards clean again without leaving a film, smudges or flakes. Even old ink lifts right off the surface, making your dry erase boards look like new again.

Our 2 oz and 4 oz bottles come in handy at school or at daycare, at the office, in the classroom, in the kitchen, in the kids’ locker or in the dorm room. Anyplace you can think of to hang a dry erase board is the perfect place to keep a bottle.

Like all LiquiFix cleaners, lubricants and degreaser products, LiquiFix Dry Erase Board Cleaner is 100% safe to use around people, pets and even food, and it won’t harm the environment.