Built in 1799, Homestead Inn—Thomas Henkelmann is arguably one of the most breathtakingly elegant hotel and restaurants you could ever be fortunate enough to visit. Tucked away in Belle Haven, an exclusive waterfront community in Greenwich Connecticut that looks out on the Long Island Sound, this Italianate manor house and hotel is the home of the renowned Homestead Inn – Thomas Henkelmann, a contemporary French restaurant that is the recipient of coveted titles Relais & Châteaux– Grand Chef, Tradition et Qualite – Les Grandes Tables du Monde and Extraordinary (4*) by the New York Times.

Homestead Inn Thomas Henkelmann LiquifixOwned and operated by Four Star chef Thomas Henkelmann and his partner Theresa Henkelmann, each year the hotel and restaurant open their doors to an international clientele that would read like a celebrity who’s who, except that it’s the one destination they can visit in blissful anonymity.

Given that the restaurant’s menu consists of organic, locally grown ingredients and culinary treasures, it’s small wonder that LiquiFix Restaurant Grade Biodegradable Degreaser can be found in its kitchen. But it wasn’t always the case.

Before being introduced to LiquiFix Degreaser, kitchen staff regularly used conventional degreaser products to clean kitchen equipment, cook tops and ovens, and grease traps. This meant that all cleaning had to be performed when the restaurant was not in operation and all food was well out of the way. Not only that, kitchen staff had to wear masks and gloves to protect themselves from toxic fumes and irritating chemicals that could harm skin and eyes when exposed for long periods.

Greenwich - Thomas Henkelmann_IMG9649dWhen Theresa Henkelmann heard about LiquiFix Restaurant Grade Biodegradable Degreaser, she knew she had found the perfect grease solution for the restaurant’s healthy philosophy.

“We believe in maintaining an establishment that’s ecologically sound, which means using green products. LiquiFix fits with our approach to healthier living. Not only is LiquiFix degreaser safe if it gets on your skin, but you can breathe it in – so our staff is comfortable using it. We no longer have to clean our kitchen at odd hours when our workers would rather be home with family.”

Homestead Inn Thomas Henkelmann LiquiFix“LiquiFix pump-spray bottles are perfect for getting into tiny corners that might otherwise be missed,” Theresa goes on to say. “We use it to degrease the kitchen ceiling and walls, because soap and water just won’t do it.”

LiquiFix is an eco-friendly degreaser that’s 100% safe to use near food, so Theresa doesn’t have to worry about the possibility of harmful contamination. “That’s crucial. Everything we serve is fresh and organic, with no hormones or antibiotics. To use toxic products here goes against everything the Homestead Inn Thomas Henkelmann stands for. We couldn’t be happier using LiquiFix Biodegradable Degreaser.”

Now that’s a four star rave in our book!



For more information on Homestead Inn – Thomas Henkelmann or to book a reservation, visit their website.

Homestead Inn Thomas Henkelmann LiquiFix