3Bhutan’s high-altitude, ultra-endurance 166 mile Tour of the Dragon, known to locals as the “Death Race”, is arguably the most dangerous and difficult single-day mountain bike race in the world. With over 18,000 feet of vertical climbing, an average riding elevation over 7,000 feet, and three mountain passes above 10,000, the Tour of the Dragon presents a cycling challenge unlike any on earth – one that could only exist in the Himalayas. Add to that miles of unpaved and muddy roads, under construction and open traffic, with rainy race-day conditions, and a starting time of 2am (which requires riding with headlamps during the pre-dawn darkness)– and it’s no wonder why only a handful of people have successfully completed the Tour of Dragon course in a single day.

Former Ironman triathlete Ian O’Sullivan now belongs to this elite group. According to Ian, he never would have made it to the finish line without his trusty bottle of LiquiFix LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant.

2“The muddy terrain constantly adhered to my shoes and cleats. I sprayed LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant on them throughout the day and the mud just fell off. It worked amazingly everywhere I used it — on my clips and derailleurs, and on the chain and chain rings.”

“The pump spray bottle was small enough to carry with me, which was a huge advantage since we had lots of rain as well. Because LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant comes in a spray bottle it was easy to use− even with cold, numb hands.”

Ian wasn’t the only LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant fan in Bhutan on the course; the local cycling enthusiasts loved it, too.

“The people of Bhutan have a deep appreciation for nature and have made it part of their constitution to protect its pristine environment through their plans to become the first 100% organic country by 2020,” says Ian. “They appreciate that LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant is non-toxic and safe to use. Next year I plan to bring more LQ-5 to share with other Tour of the Dragon riders.”

1As a proud sponsor of the 2016 Tour of the Dragon, we’re going to make sure that Ian has enough LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant for all the competitors. We will also support race organizer the Bhutan Olympic Committee, in their vision to promote their national sports and international sports tourism programs.

LQ-5 Bicycle Grade Lubricant triumphed in the world’s most extreme conditions; just think how well it will work for you. And if you consider a trip to Bhutan for next year’s race, we’ve got you covered!

And if you’re considering entering next year’s race, visit www.alternativeescapes.com for more information.