LiquiFix Industrial Lubricant NSF

Isn’t it time you switched to eco-friendly products that get top marks for performance as well as safety, value and sustainability?

LiquiFix makes industrial strength lubricant, biodegradable degreasers and cleaning products that deliver the highest quality, are safe to use around people, on equipment and even near food. You get powerful performance and value you depend on, while minimizing your carbon footprint.

LiquiFix Products Perform

Our products work as well as – or better than the leading non-green “toxic” brands. We have the independent tests to prove it.

And our products work better than any green competitor you’ve tried, hands-down.

Safe to Use, Inspection-Friendly

All our products are certified non-toxic and won’t harm the air your that your employees, and customers breathe or the surfaces they touch. That means less sick-time. Use our products during your busiest time of day− there’s no need to wait until after everyone has punched out.

No more worry and frantic clean-up before inspections either, or to failing safety inspections due to unsafe, toxic product use.

LiquiFix products are so safe they’re used in schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.

All Liquifix products are

    • eco-friendly
    • bio-degradable
    • certified non-toxic
    • odorless
    • safe near food
    • pH-neutral
    • safe on the ozone layer
    • high flashpoint
    • low freezing point
    • safe on any surface

LiquiFix is committed to only making products we use in our own workplace −
and around our families.


Our products have longer shelf life than most competitive products, so you can store them and they’ll still perform when you take them off the shelf. Our products can be everywhere, and can be diluted for a variety of uses, so you won’t have to buy other products to get all your jobs done.

Power Gone Green

Our stuff works, and it works hard. If you’ve used similar products from our green competitors you may have had to work harder and longer to achieve desired results. LiquiFix products perform so well, you can finish the job and move on − because you have other things to do.