Order Household Products at the LiquiFix Store

LiquiFix makes products you can feel good about using, without sacrificing quality, safety, value or sustainability.

“I want household products that are safe to my family, pets and to the environment.”

LiquiFix makes household products you can feel good about using. Like lubricants without toxic fumes, oven cleaners that won’t harm the ozone layer, and carpet cleaner that won’t make your toddler or pets sick.

All our products are proven safe around people, pets and food. They are certified non-toxic, and won’t harm the air your family breathes or the surfaces they touch.

We are absolutely and positively committed to making only products we would want our own families to use and they do.

All Liquifix products are

  • eco-friendly
  • bio-degradable
  • certified non-toxic
  • odorless
  • safe near food
  • pH-neutral
  • safe on the ozone layer

“Green products rarely work as well.”

If you’ve used products from our green competitors you may have had to work harder and longer – or used twice as much product — to achieve desired results. Not Liquifix household products!

What really sets us apart from other green products is performance. All our lubricants, degreasers and cleaners work great – as well as or better than leading green and non-green competitors. Independent tests prove it. Our products perform so well, you can finish the job and move on − because you have better things to do!

“Eco-friendly means expensive.”

Liquifix products provide great value at a great price. They have a long shelf life so there’s far less waste than with other leading brands, and they still work when you need them. Our products can be used all throughout the home, and can be diluted for a variety of uses, so you won’t have to buy other products to get all your jobs done.